Who Is A Candidate For The Fat Freezing Procedure Zeltiq

Tools in the quest for the perfect body continue to advance. One recent step forward is the FDA-approved Coolsculpting method of fat freezing from Zeltiq. Mostly or completely painless, quick, and relatively affordable, fat freezing can in some cases accomplish the same goals that were once addressed with invasive procedures like tummy tucks. But how do you know if you're a candidate?

CoolSculpting is a good option for both men and women, and anyone from eighteen into retirement can benefit from the treatment. Anyone with area-specific fat deposits that resist the effects of diet and exercise is a potential candidate, but it is best suited for those within 10 - 20 pounds of their ideal weight (or those less than 20% overweight). In CoolSculpting, an adhesive gel patch is placed over the desired area and then treated with cold to gradually reduce the size of the fat pocket.

The most commonly treated areas are the pooch in the belly that resists any number of crunches, the love handles or muffin top that just barely show over the top of your jeans, and the back fat that often becomes more obvious after you've lost weight. Patients usually undergo one or two treatments and within two to four months see a contouring of the desired area as the fat cells gradually die. The technique has some limitations as to where it can be used.

The device is for use on fat pockets, not cellulite. This means that firm thighs with a thin layer of fat on top might not benefit. Buttocks and the outer backs of the thighs, the "saddlebags" that many women want to change, have to be assessed on a person by person basis, depending on how moveable the area is and whether it can fit in the hand piece of the tool. Zeltiq intends to release more area-specific tools in the new future, so for some people it may be best to wait until technology catches up to desire. People who have lost significant weight and want to reduce their loose skin might not see the results they want from CoolSculpting.

Additionally, those with aging skin might see reduced benefits in some areas, as aging skin loses its elasticity. Though the fat will still decrease in the area, the skin might not tighten as wished. Consult with your physician about whether CoolSculpting can help you achieve your goals.

What Is Induction Compatible Cookware?

Induction cooking has become a popular trend in many home kitchens today. It involves using magnetic energy to heat the contents of a cooking pot. This is made possible by creating a magnetic field between the cooking pot and magnetic coils on the cooking surface. Because of this, not every cookware will function on an induction cooktop. Induction cooking requires induction compatible cookware.

What types of cookware are compatible with induction?

If your cooktop is not powering consistently; always on and off, it may be because you are using the wrong type of cookware. Induction compatible cookware is layered with ferromagnetic elements. This means that it contains iron or magnetic properties. Most types of stainless steel cookware, cast iron and enamel are some of the cookware that is compatible with induction. Cookware brands such as Viking cookware, Mauviel M’cooks and Stainless All-Clad induction cookware Stainless are all magnetic and perfect for induction cooking. 

Induction compatible cookware can be used on both gas and electric stoves. Cast iron pans and generally any black metal or pans made of iron will work on an induction cooktop. Stainless Steele pans will only work if a magnetic surface is placed beneath them.

Cookware made from aluminum, copper or glass will not work in this type of cooking because of their electrical and magnetic characteristics. They will only function if their bottom part is layered with magnetic properties. 

You can identify induction compatible cookware by placing a magnet at the bottom of your cooking pot. If the magnet sticks, then it will definitely function in an induction cooktop. Many manufacturers have made it easy to identify induction compatible cookware by having a symbol at the bottom of their cookware. The symbol looks like a coil or a horizontal zig-zag.

It is possible to make your favorite induction non-compatible cookware function in an induction cooktop. All you need to do is buy a Mauviel Induction Disc that is placed under the pan and transfers the magnetic energy from the cooktop to the cooking ware; resulting into heating. 

It is conceivable to use your gas or electric stove for induction cooking. Many manufacturers have come up with portable induction cooktops that can compliment the gas and electric stoves. They can also be placed on countertops and then stored when not in use. Their portability allows one to use them anywhere provided there is a source of electricity outlet. 

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

Some of the benefits that come with induction cooking include:
  • 1Energy conservation: This type of cooking uses up 90% of the energy produced as compared to gas which only utilizes 55% and electric appliances that use 65%. 
  • 2Fast boil: Heat produced by induction is more powerful and hotter and faster.
  • 3Safety: With induction cooking there is no open flame or any hot exposed element as in the case of gas and electric cooking. The cooktop always stays cold even when cooking is in progress.
  • 4Easy cleaning: It is easy to clean the surface of an induction cooktop since no spills and overflows will occur as a result of heating. 

Natural Methods To Kill Bedbugs

What are Bedbugs?


Bedbugs are very tiny, brownish colored insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals, they are usually oval in shape and their bodies are flat. Once they have made a meal out of human or animal blood, however, they tend to swell and have a reddish color. They are not flying insects although they tend to move very quickly over walls, floors and even ceilings.

How Do I Know I Have Bedbugs?


You have bedbugs if you wake up with blood stains on either your pillow or your sheet. You will find spots of feces even egg shells or shed skin around the areas that bedbugs use as a hideout. Dark rusty spots on sheets or mattresses are also a clear sign, as well as a slight musty odor on your bed.

Natural Methods To Kill Bedbugs 


The fastest way to deal with bedbugs is to clean up the areas where you find them. Clean everything, your curtains, linens, all of your bedding and clothes in hot water and then dry them outside on a line in the sun if weather permits or on the hottest setting your dyer can manage.

You can put things like your shoes and your children's stuffed animals in the clothes dryer and turn the dryer on its highest setting for at least half an hour, remember that heat is the enemy of bedbugs and they can be destroyed easily with this method.

You should then thoroughly clean your mattress, by using a coarse brush to scrub the seams of the mattress to get rid of the bedbugs themselves and the eggs they have shed. Afterwards you should proceed to vacuum your bed and the areas surrounding your bed. When you are finished, you should put the vacuum cleaner bag in an air tight plastic bag and throw it in the outdoor garbage, immediately.

Do not throw it away in any indoor dustbin that will be emptied later. If you do this often you will be well on your way to getting rid of bedbugs.

You can use zipped covers to completely encase your mattress and this will trap bedbugs already in the mattress and stop any more from entering, keep your mattress zipped up for a year, you can then be sure that they are all dead as they can only go for a year without feeding.

Also, remove any unnecessary items you have around the bed that might cause clutter and give bedbugs somewhere to hide.

Other natural methods can include a thorough steam cleaning, and the application of bed bug dust treatment consisting of diatomaceous earth.

How Does a PCR Machine Work?

The polymerase chain reaction, otherwise known as PCR, is a process in biochemistry that is used to magnify a single or multiple strands of DNA to multiply them into thousands or even millions of sequences. Now to complete this process, a PCR machine is needed. Logically, it is the one that is responsible for multiplying or copying a particular DNA sequence. It is not that easy to operate however because only those who are knowledgeable are authorized to operate the machine.

How It Works

Now you might ask, how does a PCR machine work? Well, if you know how science operates then you will have an idea on how it multiplies the sequences. On the other hand, if you do not know how it works, then this article will briefly discuss how it does. 

  • The first step is where the reactants are combined in a vial that is specifically made for the PCR process. However, it should be noted that all the needed ingredients be present in the vial to ensure the best results of the process. After that, the vial is situated in the PCR machine.
  • The next step is to heat the mixture between 90 - 95°C and set it to 30 seconds. After the mixture is heated, the DNA strands would separate as the bonds holding them will break down.
  • After said time, you are to cool down the temperature around 55 - 60°C. At this point, the primers of the mixture shall bind to a DNA strand/s. This step is quite vital as this is where the copying of the DNA starts. 
  • The final step to complete the process is to heat the mixture again for a minute to 75°C. This will allow the DNA to form the polymerase enzyme. The enzyme is likewise important for you to succeed in the process as it produces similar DNA strands.
That's, in a nutshell, how the polymerase chain reaction occurs and how a PCR machine works. If you have an questions, ask away in the comments.

Using a Luminometer for ATP Testing

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is an organic compound found inside and around every living cell. It is produced through the process of cellular respiration. This compound stores high amount of energy in its phosphate bonds. Once the compound is broken down or hydrolyzed into adenosine diphosphate, energy is released. This energy is used by the organism for its metabolic processes and other activities. The presence of ATP, therefore indicates the presence of organism activities, while the absence of ATP means the absence of microorganisms in the sample hence why ATP testing is conducted.

The presence of ATP is usually tested in biological treatment reactors, drinking water, soil activites, product sanitation and the like, to determine the presence of microorganisms in the sample. This test is conducted to determine the amount of ATP present in the solution, which will indicate the number of organisms in the sample. So basically, ATP tests are conducted to identify whether or not the sample is clean from any microorganism, or to determine the organism activities in a controlled environment. There are several ways of testing the presence of ATP and organisms in the given sample, but using luminometer for ATP testing provides a fast a reliable result compared to the other manual testings.

A luminometer is the most common instrument used to determine the presence of ATP in the given sample with the use of the reflected light. It is a device designed to measure the bioluminescent and chemiluminescent in the solution to be tested. The mechanism of the luminometer is that it quantifies the amount of light generated by the reaction of the ATP with the firefly enzyme luciferase. The aggregate light produced is the same as the number of organisms existing in the sample. Other devices may be used together with the luminometer, however, the result of the luminometer test will be sufficient to prove the presence of organisms in the sample.

Glass Vessel Sinks are Sleek and Cool

Glass vessel sinks can give a modern look to a bathroom. Glass is considered to be a very flexible substance in terms of visual design (not structurally, obviously). It has a unique property which makes it fit and complement to any theme or design. A glass vessel sink is actually the most common style of a glass sink. It gives a very sophisticated appearance while providing maximum satisfaction and functionality. A glass sink is maintenance free as well thus cleaning is a breeze.  They have a certain style that only this type of sink can bring to a room.  It combines an traditional look of having to draw water into a bowl for use in the bathroom, with the modern conveniences of a faucet and plumbing.

However, although glass sinks are stylish and fit into just about any home decor, they also have drawbacks.

Vessel Glass Sinks Are Fragile

The most common problem that you can encounter in using a glass vessel sink is when it breaks. The glass used is very strong but it can also very fragile when compared to the substances other types of sinks might be made out of. It also doesn't have the benefit of being safely tucked within the counter.  Unlike undermount kitchen sinks, this type of sink is fully exposed from just about every angle. It can be broken during the installation or because of unexpected fluctuation of heat. When the temperature reaches to a certain point, it can break a glass sink or cause cracks in it. Being vigilant while using a glass vessel sink is the only thing that you can do to prevent crack and breakage. This is certainly not the type of sink you want to install in a rowdy house. If you have children, you should limit the installation to such a sink to your master bedroom.

Glass vessel sinks are available in many types, sizes and colors. Tempered glass vessel sinks are one of the most popular choices available. Tempered glass means that the glass has gone through an intense heating and cooling process which makes it several times stronger compared to a standard glass. It is highly preferred over regular glass in terms of human safety. Naturally colored and clear glass vessel sinks are other options that can be considered. They fall under the natural glass vessel sink type that is usually available in blue and grey colors. Another is the double layer glass vessel sink. As its name infers, it is created by placing a colorful design in between two layers of glass. Some other options that can be considered are blown, cast and fused glass vessel sinks.  You also have the option of using a mounting ring lined with LEDs to give an added glow to your sink as seen in the video below.

Adding glass vessel sinks to your bathroom or kitchen is a good choice. Using the internet would be the best way to compare and find a good vessel sink. Aside from checking out different styles, designs and colors of glass sinks, you can also get some ideas on how to integrate the sink into your bathroom or kitchen. But before choosing a specific vessel sink style, you must consider the space available as well as your budget. You can consider setting a budget and price range. It can help in narrowing your choices down to the right one.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks are Stylish and Classy

Undermount kitchen sinks refer to sinks that are installed underneath the bathroom table or under the kitchen cabinet. Many people prefer to use this type of sink because they look more stylish and classy, especially when paired up with a natural stone countertop. They are very easy to clean and maintain as well. You cannot see the edges or rims of the sinks because of the way they are installed. It has an interesting look that you don't really see in many kitchens, so in addition to its elegance, it also provides a unique touch to your kitchen.  While these sinks aren't more expensive than more traditional sinks, they can be a bit of a pain to install.

It's likely that you will have to call in a professional in order to get this sink installed properly, so keep that in mind when considering this type of sink.

Installing Undermount Kitchen Sinks

As stated, an undermount kitchen sink is more expensive and more complicated to install compared to an overmount sink or top mount sink. It can even cost hundreds of dollars more than the traditional sinks. It is also recommended that the installation process should be done by professionals to avoid damaging either the sink or the countertop, which means additional cost for you. This is to make sure that the way that it is sealed or caulked should be able to support its own weight and avoid leakage.
Unlike traditional sinks, the way undermount sinks are installed doesn’t collect water on the water surface which is an advantage. However, you should be extra careful in terms of overfilling the sink. Water can cause the seal to loosen and might lead to more serious issues. Given this, only high quality and high strength glues, epoxies or silicone caulk should be used in the installation. Make sure that you get a reliable professional installer because the job should not be rushed.

On the other hand, like any other sinks, undermount sinks are available in different materials. Stainless steel and cast iron sinks are two of the most sought after materials. Undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most commonly seen undermount sinks. Stainless steel is actually the most known material that is used anywhere in the kitchen because of its hygienic surface. These sinks are very durable and scratch resistant.

Undermount cast iron kitchen sinks are also available. They are more expensive compared to stainless steel and very much heavier which is a disadvantage in terms of installation. However, cast iron sinks can last for a very long period of time without showing any signs of damages.

The most essential part or spot in a kitchen is the sink, which is why getting an undermount kitchen sink is a smart choice. Choosing the right one among so many undermount kitchen sinks isn’t so easy. It should be chosen basing on your existing countertop, budget and material to make sure that your money will not be put to waste.

Surviving the Volatile World of Penny Stocks

Many people don't survive the volatile business of day trading penny stocks. Well, that's a bit grim. Let's just say that their trading accounts don't survive. Some people might even find themselves in debt from their poor trading practices because they started too big, over-leveraged themselves, and didn't know when to bail out of a losing trade. Let's examine these terrible trading habits one at a time.

First, just because penny stocks are cheap doesn't mean you have to buy 10,000 of them when you start out. They're cheap nature makes them great for learning how to trade, but you have to start small. You aren't going to make a ton of profit trading 100 penny stocks, but you will learn how they trade, and you will hone your trading skills. You might even consider starting a day trading blog to track your progress as you slowly add size to your positions as your skills and confidence increase.

Also, most brokers offer margin and leverage when you trade stocks. You don't want to use this when trading pennies because the risk is just too great that you'll get caught holding stocks for a lengthy period of time. Margin is essentially a loan from the bank, and just like a loan, you'll be paying interest if you're holding stocks on margin. You could get stuck holding penny stocks longer than you want because they don't trade a high volume, and you might not be able to find a buyer when you want to sell.

Finally, you need to cut your losses as soon as a trade fails. Don't sit around thinking that stock price will come back up. It won't. This sort of denial will take you out of the trading game quicker than any other bad habit.

It's not really that difficult to survive the world of penny stocks. It just takes a little patience and prudence when it comes to honing good trading habits, and getting rid of the bad.

Why Should You Start with a Trading Simulator?

If you're a beginner trader, you might be overwhelmed by the information available to you. You might also be incredibly eager to open your brokerage account and start trading. Doing this without proper preparation is like jumping into shark infested waters without looking though. You're going to lose your money, and even worse, you could end up in debt if you don't knwo what you're doing. You can find a lot of books on various subjects, and there are lessons that can't be learned without trading real money, but in the middle you'll find a trading simulator to be a very useful part of your education.

You must be able to read stock charts in real-time in order to daytrade. This, combined with reading the stock ticker tape will be the basis for most of your trading decisions throughout the day. If you try to learn to read the tape, and recognize patterns while trading real money, this can get real expensive real fast. Your broker provides you with a simulation mode for a reason, use it to learn these two skills.

Learning the charts is important because patterns don't always develop like they do in the books. Sure, you know what these patterns look like after the fact, and after they've been pointed out in the book, but would you recognize it as it is happening? You can't go back after it's formed and make a trade. You're already too late. Learn this skill on your trading simulator.

Tape reading is important because sometimes these patterns develop with no real volume or strength behind them. Learning to read the tape will help you spot false breakouts and other failed patterns before you waste your money trying to trade them. Playing around with these trades with real money will cause you to go broke in no time.

Trading simluators are perfect for teaching these skills, but aren't to be taken as a substitute for real trading. Learn these skills and move onto putting real money in the market.

Reasons to Get a Collapsible Water Bottle

Water bottles come in many forms but few are quite as useful as a collapsible water bottle. These water bottles have all the great features of other water bottles but have the added benefit of being packable. A Vapur water bottle is something you can have with you at all times so if you feel the need to fill up and stay hydrated you can do so.

Let's start with the construction. These bottles are made from 3 layers of materials. The inner layer is intended to keep your water from tasting like plastic which is great if you really notice and hate that taste. The outter two layers ar emade of a tough nylon material which means this bottle is flexible but tough.

If you don't feel like always carrying around some bulky plastic or metal water bottle all the time, then a collapsible water bottle might be what you're looking for. Those other bottles take up a ton of space even when they're not in use and that can be a real pain when you're traveling. The collapsible water bottle, however, can slip into a purse, backpack, or even a pocket if you happen to have somewhat larger pockets.

You are also doing the environment a bit of a favor by using these bottles because you won't be always throwing these into a recycling bin like you would with the plastic water bottles you buy at the supermarket. Vapur water bottles are also made using very environmentally sound practices, so you're helping the environment from beginning to end when you use these bottles.

If you are the type of person who loves to have water around, then you are definitely going to want to invest in a collapsible water bottle like the vapur water bottle. They are incredibly handy.

Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel by Keeping Your Appliances

Kitchen remodeling is expensive enough as it is, you don't need to add to it by buying a ton of brand new shiny kitchen appliances. While it's fun to look at websites, and see all the cool new gadgets that are out there for the kitchen, you really need to curb your spending when going through something like a remodel.

If you're going to keep your appliances, then you will want to keep your new remodeling similar to your old one, or maybe make it very neutral so everything matches. Maybe it's not even important if everything matches. The point is that it can cost many hundred of dollars to buy all new appliances when remodeling your kitchen, so you don't want to go through that.

Remodeling your kitchen is stressful, so you don't want to add to the stress by straining your bank account with buying all new appliances.

Making Beer Battered Fish the Right Way

There's a wrong way and right way to make beer battered fish, lucky for you, this article is about how to make it the right way using a beer batter recipe which just might be the best recipe in the world. As a matter of fact, it's so good you might swear off all other beer batters for the rest of your life. It's really just that good.

First of all, you aren't going anywhere without a proper beer batter recipe. This recipe is incredibly simple, but very delicious. You need only three ingredients. These ingredients are beer, flour, and the secret ingredient, pancake mix. That's right, pancake mix. To mix them, you want 2 parts flour to 1 part pancake mix, and then you want to add beer until you get the perfect beer batter mix.

All right, so you have your beer batter, and let's assume you also have some fish. You have to take that fish you have, and slather it in the beer batter. I mean, you really have to slather this stuff on. Make sure your fish has every one of its nooks and crannies just chock full of batter.

For the next part you're going to need a deep fryer. You can't properly make beer battered fish by pan frying it. It'll be a travesty. First you have to drop your basket into the oil, and then you add the fish. This way your batter doesn't cook into the basket. Then you let it cook with the oil at about 360 degree sfor 7 minutes. This will yield the most perfect and delicious beer battered fish.

All right, so now that you have the perfect beer batter recipe, you can now make the perfect beer battered fish. I don't understand why you're still reading this rather than getting started on making that fish.

How To Find Stocks for Day Trading

One of the most challenging questions for all stock traders worldwide is how to find stocks for day trading. Even though trading stocks is easy, choosing or finding stocks is quite a bit challenging and important. Failure in finding stocks for a day trading could cause great loss of money and opportunity.

One of the most important methods of finding a stock for a day trading is to regularly check on different finance analysis or stocks trends. You don't have to worry since these analyzes are also provided free online by big Information Technology companies like Google and Yahoo which are called Google and Yahoo Finance. Observing the pattern of these trends each day is important. You have to avoid unstable trends and go for trends with stable and upward statistics.

Another method is to analyze the amount of shares being traded each day. This will give you a hint if what are the trends trusted by traders worldwide. Going with these trust analyses will give you a higher percentage that the stocks to trade have positive feed backs.

You can also use stock screener as another good method of checking stocks for a day trading. A stock screener is a type of program that will allow you to check stocks which are on top that are best to have a trade with. There are many stocks screener available online which you can download for free.

There are many possible ways to find stocks for a day trading but all of these methods can be summarized into three easy steps that will surely lead you to success. These three steps are patience, analysis, and heart. Patience and analysis since it will require you longer time to study the top possible stocks trends and heart since success follows if you have a good and clean heart or you love what you do.

You may want to start trading stocks and make way for a successful future!

Some Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Might Not Have Heard Of

There are some pretty must have kitchen gadgets out there that few people know about. Here are three of them, and hopefully it will get you interested in exploring the world of unique kitchen gadgets.

The first is a cake pop maker. That's right, you know those fun little cake balls on a stick that you're starting to see everywhere? Well someone has created a little machine that makes perfect little cake balls every time. If you have kids, these make a great snack, and they're also really good for parties. There are a million different methods to make these cake pops, but just using a machine is way easier. If you plan to make them often, you'll want this cool little machine.

Another cool kitchen gadgets you might never have heard of is an induction cooktop. This is a new way to cook that uses magnetic induction to instantly heat your stainless steel cookware. The trick is that the second you remove that cookware, the cooktop surface is cool to the touch. This is really cool technology. It's also very energy efficient because there's no energy lost in the way of heat as the cooktop and pot heat up. It's also been shown that heating by magnetic induction can be 10 or more percent more efficient than other methods.

Finally, if you're into convenient and cool kitchen gadgets, then you might want to check out a collapsible water bottle. These are convenient and ultra portable. While they are indeed collapsible, they will still stand up to anything you can throw at them. These aren't just cheap plastic bags. You can stuff these bottles anywhere, and they are great for outdoor adventures.

There are three cool kitchen gadgets that are out there. Exploring unique kitchen gadgets is a fun way to pass the time, and sometimes you stumble on some really useful tools.

3 Requirements for Day Trading for a Living

If you want to be day trading for a living, you're going to have to meet the following 3 basic requirements. These requirements include an ability to do extensive study and learning, a temperment suitable for this profession, and the minimum monetary requirements according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If you think you can just read some books about day trading for beginners, and you're all set as far as your day trading knowledge is concerned, then you are completely incorrect. Day trading requires hours and hours of intensive study. You have to learn from experiencing the markets in real-time in addition to learning how to read stock charts after the market has closed. You have to read books by day traders for day traders, and some blogs are particularly helpful if they're written by an actual trader.

The next requirement is that you have the temperament required of a day trader. You have to be able to stay cool in very stressful situations. You will sometimes have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the market, and you can lose thousands of dollars in mere moments. If you can't disconnect your emotions from the money involved, you're going to have a very difficult time navigating the stock market in day trading. You might consider other less stressful forms of trading like swing, or long-term trading.

You also have to have a pretty large amount of money to get started trading. The minimum requirement for any stock day trader is going to be 25 thousand dollars. This is a rule imposed by the SEC, and can not be waived. In general though, you want to have more than this in case you lose money. You definitely don't want your account to fall below that 25 thousand dollar minimum.

Those are the 3 basic requirements for stock trading for a living. There's a lot more to it though, as you'll find out through your continued education.

The Benefits of Having a Food Processor at Home

Benefits of Food Processor at Home and the Possible Options

There is probably lots of food processor that homes nowadays, but some people don't really understand its difference with the regular blender. They often make mistakes by thinking that the regular blender is a processor and vice versa. Well, the overall look and design may be similar, but they are completely different in functions and features.

Unlike regular blenders, food processor is using interchangeable disks and blades. People can always replace the attachments or the blades for different purposes. For instance, the blades for chopping are different from the one for mixing or shredding. The bowl on the processor is usually bigger, wider, and also shorter since the foods that are going to be processed are usually solid or semi solid with little liquid. The blades in the processor don't need additional liquid to operate; while the blades in blender usually need liquid to make the particles move around.

Most people may think that they don't need to have the food processor, but meal preparation can be tricky, long, and tiring. When people have to chop and then mix all the ingredients manually, they will have to spend longer time. Compare the time they spend by using the processor with the regular work. The differences in minutes matter greatly, especially if people are in a hurry. People can also save time and energy. Imagine how much energy they have to spend if they have to grind the ingredients, shred the stuffs, or other things. They can save less by using the processor.

There are some brands that are considered powerful and worthy enough for the spending. Such brands like KitchenAid, for example, comes with four mini bowls that can make the device run over and over. Or the Cuisinart food processor is big and spacious enough, with adjustable and powerful motor for different speed ranges that can do it all. There are still more reliable brands that people can search and consider about; just be sure that the size of the processor and the functionality is exactly like they want.