What Is Induction Compatible Cookware?

Induction cooking has become a popular trend in many home kitchens today. It involves using magnetic energy to heat the contents of a cooking pot. This is made possible by creating a magnetic field between the cooking pot and magnetic coils on the cooking surface. Because of this, not every cookware will function on an induction cooktop. Induction cooking requires induction compatible cookware.

What types of cookware are compatible with induction?

If your cooktop is not powering consistently; always on and off, it may be because you are using the wrong type of cookware. Induction compatible cookware is layered with ferromagnetic elements. This means that it contains iron or magnetic properties. Most types of stainless steel cookware, cast iron and enamel are some of the cookware that is compatible with induction. Cookware brands such as Viking cookware, Mauviel M’cooks and Stainless All-Clad induction cookware Stainless are all magnetic and perfect for induction cooking. 

Induction compatible cookware can be used on both gas and electric stoves. Cast iron pans and generally any black metal or pans made of iron will work on an induction cooktop. Stainless Steele pans will only work if a magnetic surface is placed beneath them.

Cookware made from aluminum, copper or glass will not work in this type of cooking because of their electrical and magnetic characteristics. They will only function if their bottom part is layered with magnetic properties. 

You can identify induction compatible cookware by placing a magnet at the bottom of your cooking pot. If the magnet sticks, then it will definitely function in an induction cooktop. Many manufacturers have made it easy to identify induction compatible cookware by having a symbol at the bottom of their cookware. The symbol looks like a coil or a horizontal zig-zag.

It is possible to make your favorite induction non-compatible cookware function in an induction cooktop. All you need to do is buy a Mauviel Induction Disc that is placed under the pan and transfers the magnetic energy from the cooktop to the cooking ware; resulting into heating. 

It is conceivable to use your gas or electric stove for induction cooking. Many manufacturers have come up with portable induction cooktops that can compliment the gas and electric stoves. They can also be placed on countertops and then stored when not in use. Their portability allows one to use them anywhere provided there is a source of electricity outlet. 

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

Some of the benefits that come with induction cooking include:
  • 1Energy conservation: This type of cooking uses up 90% of the energy produced as compared to gas which only utilizes 55% and electric appliances that use 65%. 
  • 2Fast boil: Heat produced by induction is more powerful and hotter and faster.
  • 3Safety: With induction cooking there is no open flame or any hot exposed element as in the case of gas and electric cooking. The cooktop always stays cold even when cooking is in progress.
  • 4Easy cleaning: It is easy to clean the surface of an induction cooktop since no spills and overflows will occur as a result of heating. 

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