Natural Methods To Kill Bedbugs

What are Bedbugs?


Bedbugs are very tiny, brownish colored insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals, they are usually oval in shape and their bodies are flat. Once they have made a meal out of human or animal blood, however, they tend to swell and have a reddish color. They are not flying insects although they tend to move very quickly over walls, floors and even ceilings.

How Do I Know I Have Bedbugs?


You have bedbugs if you wake up with blood stains on either your pillow or your sheet. You will find spots of feces even egg shells or shed skin around the areas that bedbugs use as a hideout. Dark rusty spots on sheets or mattresses are also a clear sign, as well as a slight musty odor on your bed.

Natural Methods To Kill Bedbugs 


The fastest way to deal with bedbugs is to clean up the areas where you find them. Clean everything, your curtains, linens, all of your bedding and clothes in hot water and then dry them outside on a line in the sun if weather permits or on the hottest setting your dyer can manage.

You can put things like your shoes and your children's stuffed animals in the clothes dryer and turn the dryer on its highest setting for at least half an hour, remember that heat is the enemy of bedbugs and they can be destroyed easily with this method.

You should then thoroughly clean your mattress, by using a coarse brush to scrub the seams of the mattress to get rid of the bedbugs themselves and the eggs they have shed. Afterwards you should proceed to vacuum your bed and the areas surrounding your bed. When you are finished, you should put the vacuum cleaner bag in an air tight plastic bag and throw it in the outdoor garbage, immediately.

Do not throw it away in any indoor dustbin that will be emptied later. If you do this often you will be well on your way to getting rid of bedbugs.

You can use zipped covers to completely encase your mattress and this will trap bedbugs already in the mattress and stop any more from entering, keep your mattress zipped up for a year, you can then be sure that they are all dead as they can only go for a year without feeding.

Also, remove any unnecessary items you have around the bed that might cause clutter and give bedbugs somewhere to hide.

Other natural methods can include a thorough steam cleaning, and the application of bed bug dust treatment consisting of diatomaceous earth.

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