Glass Vessel Sinks are Sleek and Cool

Glass vessel sinks can give a modern look to a bathroom. Glass is considered to be a very flexible substance in terms of visual design (not structurally, obviously). It has a unique property which makes it fit and complement to any theme or design. A glass vessel sink is actually the most common style of a glass sink. It gives a very sophisticated appearance while providing maximum satisfaction and functionality. A glass sink is maintenance free as well thus cleaning is a breeze.  They have a certain style that only this type of sink can bring to a room.  It combines an traditional look of having to draw water into a bowl for use in the bathroom, with the modern conveniences of a faucet and plumbing.

However, although glass sinks are stylish and fit into just about any home decor, they also have drawbacks.

Vessel Glass Sinks Are Fragile

The most common problem that you can encounter in using a glass vessel sink is when it breaks. The glass used is very strong but it can also very fragile when compared to the substances other types of sinks might be made out of. It also doesn't have the benefit of being safely tucked within the counter.  Unlike undermount kitchen sinks, this type of sink is fully exposed from just about every angle. It can be broken during the installation or because of unexpected fluctuation of heat. When the temperature reaches to a certain point, it can break a glass sink or cause cracks in it. Being vigilant while using a glass vessel sink is the only thing that you can do to prevent crack and breakage. This is certainly not the type of sink you want to install in a rowdy house. If you have children, you should limit the installation to such a sink to your master bedroom.

Glass vessel sinks are available in many types, sizes and colors. Tempered glass vessel sinks are one of the most popular choices available. Tempered glass means that the glass has gone through an intense heating and cooling process which makes it several times stronger compared to a standard glass. It is highly preferred over regular glass in terms of human safety. Naturally colored and clear glass vessel sinks are other options that can be considered. They fall under the natural glass vessel sink type that is usually available in blue and grey colors. Another is the double layer glass vessel sink. As its name infers, it is created by placing a colorful design in between two layers of glass. Some other options that can be considered are blown, cast and fused glass vessel sinks.  You also have the option of using a mounting ring lined with LEDs to give an added glow to your sink as seen in the video below.

Adding glass vessel sinks to your bathroom or kitchen is a good choice. Using the internet would be the best way to compare and find a good vessel sink. Aside from checking out different styles, designs and colors of glass sinks, you can also get some ideas on how to integrate the sink into your bathroom or kitchen. But before choosing a specific vessel sink style, you must consider the space available as well as your budget. You can consider setting a budget and price range. It can help in narrowing your choices down to the right one.

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