Making Beer Battered Fish the Right Way

There's a wrong way and right way to make beer battered fish, lucky for you, this article is about how to make it the right way using a beer batter recipe which just might be the best recipe in the world. As a matter of fact, it's so good you might swear off all other beer batters for the rest of your life. It's really just that good.

First of all, you aren't going anywhere without a proper beer batter recipe. This recipe is incredibly simple, but very delicious. You need only three ingredients. These ingredients are beer, flour, and the secret ingredient, pancake mix. That's right, pancake mix. To mix them, you want 2 parts flour to 1 part pancake mix, and then you want to add beer until you get the perfect beer batter mix.

All right, so you have your beer batter, and let's assume you also have some fish. You have to take that fish you have, and slather it in the beer batter. I mean, you really have to slather this stuff on. Make sure your fish has every one of its nooks and crannies just chock full of batter.

For the next part you're going to need a deep fryer. You can't properly make beer battered fish by pan frying it. It'll be a travesty. First you have to drop your basket into the oil, and then you add the fish. This way your batter doesn't cook into the basket. Then you let it cook with the oil at about 360 degree sfor 7 minutes. This will yield the most perfect and delicious beer battered fish.

All right, so now that you have the perfect beer batter recipe, you can now make the perfect beer battered fish. I don't understand why you're still reading this rather than getting started on making that fish.

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