Some Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Might Not Have Heard Of

There are some pretty must have kitchen gadgets out there that few people know about. Here are three of them, and hopefully it will get you interested in exploring the world of unique kitchen gadgets.

The first is a cake pop maker. That's right, you know those fun little cake balls on a stick that you're starting to see everywhere? Well someone has created a little machine that makes perfect little cake balls every time. If you have kids, these make a great snack, and they're also really good for parties. There are a million different methods to make these cake pops, but just using a machine is way easier. If you plan to make them often, you'll want this cool little machine.

Another cool kitchen gadgets you might never have heard of is an induction cooktop. This is a new way to cook that uses magnetic induction to instantly heat your stainless steel cookware. The trick is that the second you remove that cookware, the cooktop surface is cool to the touch. This is really cool technology. It's also very energy efficient because there's no energy lost in the way of heat as the cooktop and pot heat up. It's also been shown that heating by magnetic induction can be 10 or more percent more efficient than other methods.

Finally, if you're into convenient and cool kitchen gadgets, then you might want to check out a collapsible water bottle. These are convenient and ultra portable. While they are indeed collapsible, they will still stand up to anything you can throw at them. These aren't just cheap plastic bags. You can stuff these bottles anywhere, and they are great for outdoor adventures.

There are three cool kitchen gadgets that are out there. Exploring unique kitchen gadgets is a fun way to pass the time, and sometimes you stumble on some really useful tools.

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